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Why Do Guinea Pigs Need Toys?


    Guinea pigs, like any other small animal, get bored lounging in the cage all day. This can promote bad habits including chewing on the cage, excessive scratching, and weight gain. In order to remedy this, it is important to provide your cavy with a diverse environment in which to explore and play. As much as guinea pigs are scaredy cats, they also love to explore in a safe environment. This is where hammocks, tunnels, and cozy sacks come in: they provide shelter in multiple locations around the cage, which is important for your guinea pig to feel safe and comfortable to leave a particular "safe area" of the cage, and also a new place to play and explore.

Other Uses for Cozy Sacks


    Guinea pigs area popular pet for small children, and invariably they end up being dropped and injured, or even killed. With a cozy sack, children can feel comfortable holding and playing with their guinea pig without the risk of injury to the pet. They also give your cavy a place to hide when they're being cuddled, which makes them calmer and easier to handle. Anyone who has tried to get a skittish pig out of a cage knows how tough it can be. With a cozy sack, they can be shooed inside and easily picked up.
    Guinea pigs are prey animals, so they are naturally frightened when big, scary hands reach into the cage and scoop them up. This is why it can be so easy for them to slip through a child's fingers, and why handling pigs can stress out adults and the pigs as well. As much as guinea pigs love to cuddle, their natural instincts cause them to be terrified of being picked up. My cozy sacks solve this problem. Simply shoo a frightened pig inside, pick up the whole cozy, and you have a safely contained, calmer pig to carry.

Cozy Sacks for Hamsters

    Hamsters, sugar gliders, and other pocket pets can be tricky for small children as well. That's where my mini cozy sacks come in -- they're designed for small children to be able to hold and carry their pocket pets without the risk of them slipping through their fingers. Have you ever had your hamster crawl into your pocket or up your sleeve? As cute as this can be, it shows you that your hamster isn't comfortable being carried by hand. A cozy sack gives your hamster a way to feel safe while travel safely, giving you a more relaxed, happier hammie.

Need It Customized?

    I am always happy to complete custom requests. I can make any of my products to custom specifications using any material I already have, or using a pattern/theme/color of your choice. I also make fleece cage liners and smaller cage or lap mats by request. I make my tunnels, cozy sacks, and corner hammocks for anything from hamsters to rabbits. Clickhereto view my product sizing chart (at the bottom of the page!). Please don't hesitate to contact me for any additional details.