About My Exclusive Contrast Cuff

    My contrast cuff is made using my exclusive and thoroughly tested design. It is reinforced only with soft, cuddly fleece (no mold-harboring foams or sharp plastics!) and strategically placed stitching to ensure that it will remain rigid while your pet is playing with it. On top of that, the cuff is stitched in place. Guinea pigs can easily unroll "other" cuffs while playing, and the tunnels can become deformed during washing and frustrating to put back together. My exclusive contrast cuff remains in place through playtime, washing, and back to playtime, for stress-free enjoyment for you and your pet.


    My tunnels are made with two layers of fleece: a print, and a solid contrast. The contrast is stitched in a "cuff" around the edges of the tunnel, which help the tunnel remain rigid. I use two rows of stitching for the guinea pig size and any smaller size, which increase the stability of the cuffs and help keep the tunnel open. My tunnels are short enough that your guinea pig will be able to see to the end, which will encourage him/her to enter the tunnel.
    These tunnels are reinforced only with soft, cuddly fleece, not mold-harboring foam or sharp plastic. The only tunnel that is ever reinforced with plastic is the limited edition cat-sized tunnel, inside of which the plastic is carefully sewn into a casing and a shift (a second casing) to prevent injury. The cuff on my tunnels is stitched in place, so you never have to worry about re-forming the tunnel or rolling the cuff after your guinea pigs have been playing with it. Simply wash it and place it back in the cage.
    They are also wide enough that multiple guinea pigs will not get stuck. This was a concern for me when I designed these tunnels, after having seen an instance where two guinea pigs who lived together each startled, entered an "other" tunnel, met at the middle, and began to fight after trying to squeeze past each other and failing. Having seen that, I wanted to try to ensure that this would not happen with my product. My design has been guinea pig tested and approved, however you may find that if you have two larger guinea pigs (both 2 lbs. or more), they may have trouble fitting into the tunnel side by side.

Cozy Sacks

    These adorable cozies are designed with you and your guinea pig in mind. They are made in the same way as the tunnels, with two rows of stitching around a cuff designed for stability, but are closed at one end. The backs of my cozies are round and taper toward the opening -- which is wider than the opening on the tunnel -- to encourage your guinea pig to enter and give him/her enough room to turn around inside. These make a great addition to your cage for hiding and napping, but also make great carriers for more timid pigs.
    Guinea pigs love to be held, but hate to be picked up. Simply place this cozy in the cage, shoo your piggy in, and lift up by the opening and you have a secure way to transport your scaredy-pig. At home, I use one for my Fred, who is a pig who likes to get what he wants, and would always rather explore than be held. Whenever he is picked up, he instantly begins fighting for his freedom, which usually involves an attempt to fly and a vast underestimation of the distance between himself and the nearest counter top, floor or chair. I pick him up in his cozy sack and he makes a much calmer trip to wherever he's headed, he doesn't panic, and the trip is stress-free for everyone.
    Aside from taming startled piggies and carrying scaredy-pigs around, these cozies are also great for kids. Guinea pigs are fragile creatures, and any concerned parent would worry about their young child frightening or dropping their piggy during playtime. With these cozy sacks, your child can more securely keep hold of the guinea pig, and when the pig has had enough petting, poking, and prodding, it can hide in the comfort of its cozy, saving your child from an upset piggy at best and a nasty bite at worst. I always recommend that younger children only hold guinea pigs while sitting down, but for older children the cozy makes a great carrier and eliminates the worry of children mishandling these animals, who are very prone to injury.


    My corner hammocks are made from two layers of fleece, with twill tape and a lanyard hook at each corner for easy attaching to a wire cage. They also have a strip of contrast fabric that acts as a flap, so that guinea pigs and other low-dwelling animals can use the hammock as another spot to hide. The flap is made from the same contrast color fleece as the underside of the hammock, and will never fray or tear. On top of that, if you find that the flap is too low, you can cut it to whatever size you like. You can add shapes or fringe, too, and never have to worry about the flap fraying or coming apart. I leave the flaps a little low because they are so easily shortened, but I try to make them slightly above the eye level of your pet so that he/she will be encouraged to enter.
    Fleece has a natural stretch which can lead some hammocks to sag all the way down to the floor when a pet hops on! My hammocks are strategically cut and reinforced to ensure that the hammock will not sag dramatically under your pet's weight.
    The guinea pig-sized hammocks are designed with a C&C cage in mind, so that when placed in the corner they should take up one grid and the flap should be at the appropriate height if hung directly above the coroplast. However, these will fit any wire cage with right corners, and as described above the flap is easily adjustable. I can also send extenders, if you have a cage that requires that the hammock be hung from the lid (or would simply prefer to hang yours from the lid of the cage), for a small additional fee.

Cage Liners

    Although they are not part of my ready-to-ship stock because of their custom nature, I am also happy to make cage liners and cage pads. I customize these in a variety of ways, including sets of liners and cage pads for heavily soiled areas, liners with waterproof backing, liners with sides for burrowers, and liners with an alternate inside material. The material I use for the absorbent inside layer is a recycled denim (it doesn't look or feel like denim, it feels more like a cotton batting material and has been proven to be effective as an absorbent layer), which saves tremendously on cost for the budget shopper, but which some people have experienced problems with. I have been using my cage liners for over six months and despite having washed them in several different types of washing machines, I have never experienced any problems with the fabric ripping or developing holes, even though I do not use an waterproof liner on the back of my own cage pads. However, others (not customers of mine, but other users of the recycled denim absorbent material) have reported the material developing holes after a few washes. I offer the recycled denim with this warning and with the option to upgrade to a tried-and-true batting backing (or Zorb, if you want top quality and top price) with a protective layer on the other side.
    As you can see, these cage liners are very customizable and range in cost from $35 and up. I offer savings with the purchase of two or more, and with the purchase of liner/cage pad sets. I can usually complete a custom order within a week, and respond to emails almost always same-day.

Custom Work

    I am happy to customize anything I make, for no additional cost. Many of my current sales have been for custom items and for sets, and I offer a discount for purchasing more than one item at a time. Please contact me using the "contact" page on this website if you are interested in any kind of custom work, from an item that you would like in a different size or color to sets to cage liners. I respond to all emails within two days, usually within hours, and I guarantee completion of any order under $50 in seven days. For larger orders I will quote you a completion time when I quote you the price for your order.


Because I offer so many sizes for my items, I cannot possibly have each type available in each pattern and size at all times. I try to have one of each type of item available in each size for purchase, but I can have custom orders made in just one or two days if you request a different size. My sizes are as follows:
Extra Small: Perfect for hamsters, mice, and smaller pocket pets.
Small: Perfect for hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and baby guinea pigs.
Medium: Perfect for guinea pigs and baby bunnies.
Large: Perfect for chincillas and dwarf bunnies.
Extra Large: Perfect for the average 5-7 lb. bunny.
XXL: This is my limited edition cat tunnel size. It is still in the prototype phase as of now.

Coming Soon: Gerbil Houses

    These houses are currently in the test phase. They are exclusively designed with gerbils in mind, and they are made of safe poplar and non-toxic glue so that your gerbils will be able to chew on them all day long. I have two thicknesses of wood and multiple sizes in the works, and they are modeled after Adobe houses. So far they're very cute and I can't wait for them to debut.